Embroidery : Bring Your Designs to Life with Vibrant Sublimation!

An embroidery uniform for a company refers to work attire that has been customized with embroidered designs, which typically include the company’s logo, name, or other branding elements.

This embroidery adds a level of sophistication, durability, and professionalism to the uniform, distinguishing the company’s identity and promoting its brand in a more refined way compared to other forms of garment decoration like screen printing.

Perfect for:
corporate uniforms, school apparel, and merchandise that require a touch of elegance.

Delivery Time

Orders will take 14 working days or longer. Whatsapp us now to know more about delivery time

No Minimum Requirement

There is no minimum order for embroidery. We accept single orders. Block charges will apply for order below 100 pcs.

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4 easy steps for Embroidery process

1. Checking your artwork

Please note that not every design is compatible with our embroidery process. For best results, opt for designs that are straightforward and feature bold lines. Detailed or complex patterns may not be feasible for embroidery work.

It is advisable to provide us with an image of your design that is ready for print or has been digitally created.”

2. Digitizing the artwork

The first step in our embroidery service involves “digitizing” the artwork or design concept provided by the client. During this phase, we transform the submitted image into a stitch pattern using advanced digitizing software.

Please be aware that this step involves converting or “reinterpreting” a two-dimensional image into a form that has three-dimensional qualities.

3. Embroidery sample

After the digitization of the embroidery design is complete, we proceed to produce a sample embroidery using the embroidery card.

This sample is then presented to the client for a final review.

Should the sample meet the client’s approval, we are all set to commence production on the client’s items.

4. Remove Excess Backing Fabric

Backing material is essential to maintain the embroidery’s shape, preventing distortion caused by the force of the sewing needles and thread.

In the absence of backing material, the embroidery might appear irregular and “mushy.” This material is then either trimmed or removed from the fabric.

Why embroidery services?

What’s more, we do right!

Embroidery Anything

The art of embroidery offers from the rich texture of leather to the durable surfaces of polyester and nylon, the softness of cotton, and the adaptability of synthetic fabrics, each material welcomes the needle and thread with open arms. You can use embroidery to decorate almost anything, like bags, dresses, baseball caps, robes, polo shirts, and dress shirts, among others.

Professional Appearances

Embroidery can enhance the look of almost any item, from official military and royal uniforms to commercial logos on polo shirts and towels. Compared to silk screen printing or direct-to-garment printing, embroidery often gives uniforms and logos a more polished and attractive appearance.

Longer Lasting

Embroidery holds up well over time because the nylon threads used are durable. Colors remain vivid without running or fading, ensuring the designs look good for many years. This makes embroidery perfect for towels, uniforms, polo shirts, and corporate wear.

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